Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A History of Samurai and Zen (17)


The Yogi breathing above mentioned is fit rather for physical exercise than
for mental balance, and it will be beneficial if you take that exercise before
or after Meditation. Japanese masters mostly bold it very important to push
forward. The lowest part of the abdomen during Zazen, and they are right
so far as the present writer's personal experiences go.

"If you feel your mind distracted, look at the tip of the nose; never lose sight
of it for some time, or look at your own palm, and let not your mind go out
of it, or gaze at one spot before you." This will greatly help you in restoring
the equilibrium of your mind. Chwang Tsz thought that calmness of mind is
essential to sages, and said: "The stillness of the sages does not belong to
them as a consequence of their skilful ability; all things are not able to
disturb their minds; it is on this account that they are still. When water is
still, its clearness shows the beard and eyebrows (of him who looks into it).
It is a perfect level, and the greatest artificer takes his rule from it. Such is
the clearness of still water, and how much greater is that of the human
spirit? The still mind of the sage is the mirror of heaven and earth, the glass
of all things."

Forget all worldly concerns, expel all cares and anxieties, let go of passions
and desires, give up ideas and thoughts, set your mind at liberty absolutely,
and make it as clear as a burnished mirror. Thus let flow your inexhaustible
fountain of purity, let open your inestimable treasure of virtue, bring forth
your inner hidden nature of goodness, disclose your innermost divine
wisdom, and waken your Enlightened Consciousness to see Universal Life
within you. "Zazen enables the practiser," says Kei-zan, "to open up his
mind, to see his own nature, to become conscious of mysteriously pure and
bright spirit, or eternal light within him."

Once become conscious of Divine Life within you, you can see it in your
sphere, no matter how different they may be in circumstances, in abilities,
in characters, in nationalities, in language, in religion, and in race. You can
see it in animals, vegetables, and minerals, no matter how diverse they may
be in form, no matter how wild and ferocious some may seem in nature, no
matter how unfeeling in heart some may seem, no matter how devoid of
intelligence some may appear, no matter how insignificant some may be, no
matter how simple in construction some may be, no matter how lifeless
some may seem. You can see that the whole universe is enlightened and
penetrated by Divine Life.

~Kaiten Nukariya