Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daily Musings - November 10th, 2012 - Circulation - 循環- Xúnhuán

Circulation - 循環- Xúnhuán

Spirituality originates in the loins,
ascends the spinal column
before returning to the source.

inspired by  Deng Ming-Dao

Spirituality is not merely a mental activity. It is also an expression of one's inner energy.

The source of this energy is physical, encapsulated as it is in the biochemistry of the human body. Self-cultivation allows for this energy to be refined, and refocused, towards spiritual attainment. Enlightenment, to a Taoist, is psycho-physiological journey. It is a state of being, not simply a mere intellectual understanding.

Once this latent energy is awakened, through special exercises or meditation, the Taoist understands how to direct this energy around the body. The force is generated from the genitals, and rises up the spine, nourishing the kidneys, nerves, and blood vessels along the way. As it passes the base of the skull, the reptilian brain is stimulated. At the crown, the energy is at its peak, and a flood of consciousness is laid open. The entirety of our subconscious that seemed locked away is just beyond this gate.

Descending downward, the energy is sufficient to soothe the eyes, freshen the senses, and reinvigorate vital organs. Cascading towards the navel, the energy is returned to a state of purity. From there, it can be drawn to the loins once more, ready to be drawn up for a repeat circuit. Existence operates on a continuum, between gross physicality and the subtly of consciousness. To become one with Tao, we must utilize all parts of our body, mind, and spirit towards spiritual devotion.