Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Musings - November 12th, 2012 - Impermanence -無常- Wúcháng

Impermanence -無常- Wúcháng

The typhoon's downpour
sweeps away crops
and slender saplings,
but the storm must die


When a storm bears down upon your village, it seems as if an entire ocean of wind and rain is sweeping across the land. Leaves are torn from the branches, branches are torn from the trunk, and even the hard granite cliffs can be worn away. But these gales seldom last very long. In spite of the tremendous energy they possess, the storm cannot keep its frenzied pace without losing ferocity.

If the works of heaven cannot last a day, then human efforts must be even less long-lasting. Governments come and go, barely surviving from year to year, while the rules of society are constantly facing challenges. Family erodes, personal relationships undergo decay, and one's career will inevitably come to an end. Even the world's monuments are being destroyed, by blowing wind and running water. Nothing lasts. It is a simple fact that no event set in motion by human beings lasts indefinitely.

All our efforts are temporary, so we must borrow from preexisting forces, riding the current of Fate, and disappearing, if the current situation necessitates stealth. It is best to r understand the transitory nature of the world, and to work within it. Understanding the ephemeral aspects of Nature can provide the greatest advantage of all.

~Inspired by Deng Ming-Dao