Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daily Musings - November 17th, 2012 - Nonconformity - 不符合 - Bù fúhé

Nonconformity - 不符合 - Bù fúhé

The world is brilliant,
I am dull;
Others strive for accomplishment
while I walk the lonely path.

~inspired by Deng Ming-Dao

Followers of Tao are by nature, nonconformists. The labels attributed to Taoists are often erratic, antisocial,  outrageous, and even scandalous. We hear voices within, and we follow inner urges. We have no interest in following the social norms; we only care about following Tao. It does not matter if others do not understand, for the rest of the world does not sense the energy into which we tap. Awakening this inside of ourselves is crucial, in realizing the goal of self-cultivation.

We all have many sides of ourselves. The ability to distinguish between the different aspects of our personalities allows us to silence these voices, except for the inner voice of Tao. It is imperative to reach this state of being. As soon as this is achieved, no doubts remain, and the murmurs of others have no effect. The comfort that is gained is akin to a child finding its mother's breast.

The more one follows the path of Tao, the closer one comes to self-perfection. Continue to cultivate a close connection with Tao. Do not dread following the lonely path. There are others who walk the same dusty road, but one cannot always intersect with these fellow travelers. That is why you must press on and stay strong despite the dreadful silence of walking alone.