Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daily Musings - November 3rd, 2012 - Adapting - "適應"- Shìyìng

Adapting - "適應"- Shìyìng

Heaven and earth intersect 
across the distant horizon-
the jagged landscape
conforms to endless sky.

No matter where you live, the sky always meets the horizon. It is in absolute conformity with the contours of the earth's surface. Changes in the earth, or sky, do not cause this adaptation to occur. Clouds, darkness, mountains, or tall buildings all may obscure the observable connection, but the relationship never changes.

Akin to Discord, our lives are made up of a constant inundation of choice and circumstance. When presented with a troubling situation, we must adapt accordingly, regardless of whether we see the situation as good or bad. Concentrate on the current circumstances is one's surroundings. If you are the leader, struggling to influence a group, adapt your vision to one more in line with the group's. The successful leader articulates his point, and seeks consensus to act, and not acting alone, hoping for consensus. Being flexible, constantly adjusting to the times, is one of the secrets of Tao ~Deng Ming-Dao

We are often led to think of a landscape as being in the foreground, with the sky providing the backdrop. It is due to the sky, however, that the idea of background/foreground exist.  Without the expanse of open sky, a perfect outline could not be achieved.  By applying this concept into one's own life, then it becomes possible to blend into the background, to find conformity with the objects front and center, as well as the space all around. Such adaptations are not done through passivity, but through exercised will-power. The Taoist masters has long venerated the sky, the background, as supreme. So too are those people, who learn to adapt to circumstances, and become superior beings.