Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daily Musings - November 8th, 2012 - Perseverence - 毅力 - Yìlì

Perseverence - 毅力 - Yìlì

The fisherman trudges towards the sea
to repair his torn net 
and tattered canoe;
the fish wait, patiently,
to be caught.


If a fisherman does not maintain his boat and his net, then his trip to the sea will be without reward. Preparation is a key factor determining the success of his venture. He must first mend the frayed rope, seal the leaky hull, and study the conditions of the water. Once this is done, the act of fishing becomes a mere formality. An abundant catch will fall into his hands, as if guided by invisible lines.

When it seems that nothing encouraging is awaiting us, we may lose our drive to press on, to succeed. It is important to persevere.The work we do may be drudgery, tending to our homes is simply routine, and our important goals are so distant as to be unrecognizable. At this low point, we must persevere and prepare for the possible outcomes. That will bring a steady pace to our endeavor, and buoy our faith in rough waters.

In order to be able to savor the reward of perseverance, the individual requires maturity and experience. Patience, planning, and timing must be cultivated. Resources must be collected, even during times when circumstances seem against us. Do not neglect anything you have set in motion. If the fisherman's plan is followed, during good times and bad, then his venture will eventually succeed, and his boat will return to shore with a full net.