Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Frostbite (3)

“The maruta should be tied to a post with thick ropes, fastening the torso but leaving the limbs exposed. The arms will be held in place by loose cloth, wrapped around the cross-beam. The body and face will be thoroughly insulated, with the arms and legs protected by removable sleeves. Each maruta will have one limb subjected to the today’s experiment, with the other three remaining protected for future studies. Does anyone have any questions so far?” Ren said. 
He had been transferred to the Personnel Preservation Unit as a result of an argument with Satoshi, a mild form of antagonism known only to the two old friends. Satoshi knew that Ren preferred to work in the lab, considering field studies tedious and imprecise. Ren accepted the transfer, knowing that any complaint would only provide validation.

“Could you go over the details, once more? The freezing process…” One of the students, fresh from medical school, could not grasp the methodology behind the experiment. He understood the significance of saving soldiers from exposure, but did not see how the current experiment derived any benefit. The whole thing seemed more akin to torture.

“Once the maruta are in place, remove the desired sleeve. Once the skin is exposed to the air, it will begin to freeze, but the natural process is too slow for our experiment. A gradual flow of water, spread evenly over the arm or leg, will cause the limb to ice over. Use your pick to chip away this first layer, and repeat the process again. After three cycles, the limb should be like wood, and sound hollow if struck. At this point, return the maruta to the laboratory for attempted reanimation of the targeted limb.” Ren said. Each experimenter was given a different limb, and a different reanimation technique.

Maruta 5671- Left leg, vigorous massage.
Maruta 6211- Right leg, acidic solution 1 PH 200 ml
Maruta 5944- Left leg, no treatment.
Maruta 5322- Right Arm, continuous hot water flow 50°
Maruta 4922- Left arm, hot, dry air fan 50
Right arm, continuous warm water flow 38°

Ren sent his team to work, watching their progress from the window of his office. The researchers were uncomfortable exposing themselves to the elements in the name of science, but they did not possess the courage to turn down their chief’s order. Ren commanded their respect through his stunning erudition and calm, considerate manners towards his underlings. He did not belittle them, nor did he seek to lord over them, as Satoshi so often did. Once he gave an order, he let them work. He offered his guidance only when their experiments went off track. The effect was great admiration, and greater loyalty to the cause. This proved quite useful when the costs of the experiments became apparent.

 Maruta 5671 – left leg/massage -  resistant to treatment, signs of gangrene.
Maruta 6211 – right leg/acidic solution - amputated at knee, unable to complete experiment due to blood loss, dissection in progress.
Maruta 5944- left leg/no treatment - gangrenous, fever 38.5°, blood pressure low, elevated heart rate. Blood likely infected, death imminent.
Maruta 5322- Right arm/hot water bath -, tissue damage beyond repair, dissection in progress.
Maruta 4922- Right arm/dry, hot, blowing air- tissue failed to regain blood flow / sensation. Amputated at elbow, healthy tissue preserved for future study (01/27/38)
Maruta 4658- Left arm/warm water bath- signs of renewed blood flow, results promising. 4658 held over for future study (01/27/38).