Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Thursday, November 8, 2012


Love does not escape or flee,
it is left to die, to rot away, when times are too tough
to hold on - to the painful reminders of past affection.
These holes, inside, cannot be filled by substance;
a product of the present cannot replace the past.
The lonely landscape, littered with regrets
and reasons why...
Do not turn your back, but also, don't turn back
reverting to an older way of being, that can never be realized.
There is no purity, diluted over time, through the act of creation
regardless of the cynicism of ethnocentrism.
We are all one, fighting tooth and nail to survive,
occupying the same space,
sharing the basic elements of existence.
The proportions are largely in equal measure,
but the end result is individual-
Every life is important,
but the most important,
is the one that lies ahead.

Through the trials and tribulations, of terrified existence,
we face experiences so foreign that we cease to feel human.
The ludicrous becomes understandable,
depravity decipherable,
and wanton destruction desirable.
These beliefs, however strong the surge,
must be counteracted by renewed humanity.
No loss is so great,
as one's innate 'being for others.'
Love must not die,
or the fall will not be theirs,
but ours.
Never let love die,
be thankful every day,
that you, and IT, are alive.