Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Friday, November 9, 2012

Secrets of the Ninja (10)

KAI- 3rd Kanji/Mudra

The Hara (One Point) is the site of the third center of power in the body, located approximately
two inches below the navel. This is the body’s center of gravity. It also represents the
water element. From this point flows the Yang Wei Mo, or Positive Arm Channel, which rises
across the chest and extends down the inner arms to the palm and middle finger tips; and the
Yin Wei Mo, or Negative Arm Channel, which also passes through the arms, but with the emphasis
on veins instead of arteries. If the former (Yang Yu) is affected, the heart will be aggravated,
the palms will be feverish, and the arm joints will be stiff. Headaches, fevers, and
toothaches are also indicated. If the latter is not functioning properly, nervous disorders, hypertension,
and epilepsy may result.

Before the student can begin to practice the actual techniques of Kuji Kiri, he must learn to
keep the One Point.

By relaxing and concentrating the mind on this, even when moving about in daily life, one
is able to achieve perfect balance and mental stability. This develops coordination of mind
and body. The next objective is to transmit this power effectively. This involves the concept
of Chi, the inner force. Chi is the spirit of the mind. Kuji Kiri teaches us to use it at will. You
must control the One Point to be successful In this way, the force will flow as needed.
Control of this center develops the faculty of intuition, increases the power to know oneness,
and leads to an understanding of good and evil. Thus it has long been taught by many ryu as a
spiritual exercise.

To form the kanji, place the hands back to back, fingers pointing down. Spread the fingers
and interlock them from within. Bring the elbows down, bringing the palms together over the
fingers, enclosing them within the hands. Extricate the ring and little fingers and extend them
with the tips touching. The thumbs are extended and pointing toward the body.
Using the fingers as a pointer, describe the ideogram as before. Close the eyes and visualize
the character. You will feel the beat of the pulse in the palms and the Chi flowing in the arms.

Place the hands in the lap.

~Ashida Kim