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Moss-covered Monk


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Secrets of the Ninja (14)

HUA- 8th Kanji/Mudra

The eighth center of power is located on the cortical surface of the brain. It is known as the Thousand Petal
Lotus because, when visualized, this is the imagery created. When the Chi permeates this center, the sensation in the body is one of floating upward to the surface, much like the blossoming of the lotus.

HUA– Control the Elements of Nature

When the serpent power passes from the lowest center through the psychic channels and junctions to this level, the energy in these begins to spin as each is opened. At this time the marriage of spirit and matter occurs, and the individual consciousness unites with the universal consciousness. This is a state of ultimate bliss, rarely achieved even by those who practice a lifetime.

The ascending practices for this and the next level are achieved through specific exercises
which are similar to those given for the first seven centers. These are always given verbally by
master to student. They cannot and should not be described. Let it be sufficient to state that the
finger-knitting kanji illustrated represents the suffusion of the conscious into the Infinite, and
enables the practitioner to exercise his will through the five elements.

[Editor’s Note: When Secrets of the Ninja was first published, Ashida Kim informed the
publisher that two pictures were out of sequence in the Kuji Kiri section. This error was never
corrected and caused a great deal of confusion over the years. This edition has made the necessary
corrections to the text and sequence. It now conforms to the proper order and is the same as
the exercise given in the revised edition of Ninja Mind Control and Iron Body Ninja, DOJO
Press 2000.]

TAO- 9th Kanji/Mudra

TAO– Enlightenment

The ninth center of power is the aura of the body. The aura consists of an electromagnetic
field surrounding the physical self, radiating in all directions. The strength and extent of the
field are determined by the individual. The kanji represents the acquisition of the secret knowledge.
To become a Ninja, one must accomplish four things: one must be strong; one must know;
one must dare; and one must be silent. It was said of the ancient Ninja that he could become
invisible at will. This may be the myth and legend of a bygone era; it may be that simple tricks
and ruses led to this belief; or it may be that the Ninja of old could actually alter the state of his
aura and the surrounding atmosphere by physiopsychic means, rendering himself unseeable.
One skilled in this technique would, quite naturally, be reluctant to demonstrate it, and would
certainly never reveal his method to the uninitiated. This art is sometimes known in Kuji Kiri
as "the power to cloud men’s minds."

Remember, the Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. It cannot be explained, but it can
be experienced. This is the goal of meditation.

~Ashida Kim