Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Monday, November 19, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (17)


Having observed the enemy camp and confirmed, denied, or discovered sufficient intelligence
to plan ingress and egress of the site, select a route and proceed.

Since these operations will be conducted alone and often at night, consider any condition
which might provide an advantage. One noteworthy condition is the weather. Rainy nights are
best. Moonless nights are second best. In warmer seasons, insects, frogs, and nocturnal predators
may draw attention to your position by ceasing their nightly songs. In winter, the clear,
crisp air often carries the slightest sound to an alert sentry.

There are nine specific times when the enemy is most vulnerable:

1) The night before the enemy is ready. This means that the enemy is aware of an impending
attack, but his spies believe the enemy is at least a day away.

2) The night after the enemy has heavily fortified his position. The physical labor will
tire the enemy soldiers.

3) The night the enemy sends out patrols. This takes advantage of the enemy mistaking
any sounds you might make as those of his returning patrols.

4) The night after the enemy has sustained heavy losses. This is known as "harrying the

5) The night the enemy prepares to counterattack. This means that the enemy is anticipating
the next day’s conflict. The Ninja takes advantage of this anxiety.

6) The night after the siege has been lifted. The enemy will relax at this time.

7) The night the enemy is struck with sickness, hunger, or thirst. The enemy will be
weakened by these.

8) Any night after the enemy has been wearied by a long, fruitless confrontation. The
enemy will be disheartened.

9) The night after an enemy victory. The enemy will be triumphant and let his guard
down. This is known as a "spoiling mission."

Penetration of the enemy camp is hindered by two things: barriers and sentries. The first of
these may be overcome by utilizing the techniques shown herein. Sentries must be circumvented
or assassinated. Sentry removal techniques will be explained in a later section.

Remember, an enemy can see you only as well as you can see him. In all probability, you
can see him better.

~Ashida Kim