Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (18)


Follow these general rules to move without being seen or heard by the enemy:

Camouflage yourself and your equipment.

Wear soft, well-fitting clothes. Starched clothing swishes, baggy clothing is likely to snag.

Use ankle ties to blouse the trousers. Do not tie them too tightly as this retards circulation.

Do not carry unnecessary equipment.

Look for your next point of concealment before leaving your position.

Change direction when moving through tall grass; a straight path causes an unnatural motion which
attracts attention.

If you alarm birds or animals, remain in one position and observe. Their flight may attract attention.

Take advantage of distractions provided by natural noises.

Cross roads and trails where maximum cover exists, look for a low spot or curve, cross quickly and

Follow the furrows when crawling over a plowed field, crossing the furrows at low spots.

Avoid steep slopes and areas with loose gravel or stories.

Avoid cleared areas and prevent silhouetting.

Avoid heavily trafficked areas.

Avoid areas which are not trafficked at all. They may be mined or booby-trapped.

Always move downwind from kennels or guard-dog positions.

Observe the enemy as much as possible, watching for indications that you have been discovered.

When in doubt, do not move.

Learn the patterns used to see, that you may move outside the field of view.

Learn to move without disturbing your surroundings.

When avoiding spotlights, when the light moves, remain still; when the light stops, move.

In all these things you must research and train diligently.

~Ashida Kim