Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (27)


Two things hinder penetration of
the enemy camp: barriers and sentries.
To overcome the first of
these, the Ninja employs Chiang Pi
Kung, his Wall Climbing Ability.
This consists of making the body
light, and advancing in accordance
with the theory of opposition. That
theory states that maximum balance
is obtained by moving the opposite
arm and leg simultaneously as in
the Lung Pu, Dragon Step.
Most obstacles, walls, barricades,
present a variety of hand and foot
holds for the climbing Ninja. With
only a little practice, anyone can become
a “second-story man.” The
Ninja, of course, developed these
skills to a high degree. The projection,
corner or, in this instance,
drainpipe selected for the ascent
must be of sufficient strength to
support the weight or the climber.
Therefore, small men are best at
this sort of thing. But, even they enhance
the ability by concentrating
their energy in the Solar Plexus to
make themselves light. This is also
used in Leaping Kung, whereby the
Ninja could jump flat-footed over
most men or a crowd and escape.
Walls may be ascended with the chest to the surface, using drainpipes or trellises, bearing in
mind that these are considerably weaker at the top than at the base. Test the structure by grasping
it firmly with both hands and pulling straight down, exerting a steadily increasing pressure
until you can lift your body to the toes. Gently push and pull against the supports which anchor
the pipe before starting the climb.

~Ashida Kim