Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Friday, December 7, 2012

Daily Musings - December 7th, 2012 - Discovery - 發現 - Fāxiàn

Discovery - 發現 - Fāxiàn

Capture the spirit of the mountain,
convince him to divulge his secret knowledge.
Discovery is dependent on health and strength.

~inspired by Deng Ming-Dao
The scriptures speak of the mountains, which are supposed to contain all the answers. Generations of knowledge-seekers have set out into the wilderness, intent on encountering the spirits both benevolent and baneful. Although the possibility of great discovery is tempered with the threat of misadventure, we must all climb into the mountains, to seek the answers we need in life.

We need to understand that the mountains represent an unknown void in our own minds. Meditation is a process of self-discovery, of slowly exploring the shell which houses our soul. Through walking the vast, desolate expanses of this world, you can resolve the problematic aspects of your psyche, and thus uncover the true potential locked up in your core of being. Like an actual mountain trek, this process is not without danger. Failure may mean falling off a proverbial cliff, into despair, obsession, and insanity. Success is to find priceless treasure of self-love, without any comparison in the world.

People may ask, "Is meditation really necessary?" If you wish to explore the innermost reaches of your consciousness, in order to ascertain who you truly are, then there is no method more advisable than meditation. Mere introspection is insufficient, and psychological counseling will not be able to necessarily bring you face to face with the problematic parts of your self. Only through the solemn depth and solitude of meditation, can you begin to learn the lessons necessary to carry you through this life in peace. Great discoveries await your inspection. You only need to enter the mind to find them.