Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Monday, December 3, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (31)


Once the grapple has cleared the wall, the line is gradually
pulled until the hook is set. This means that the hook digs
into wood or stone sufficiently to hold your weight, or that
the grapple becomes wedged between two obstructions
tightly enough to hold you. Test the set by jerking sharply on
the line to see if the hook is only snagged. If it is, this action
will either dig the hook in, or pop the hook free.
Having set the hook, look about to see if your actions
were observed. Then ascend.

Fig. 50 -The quickest method for this is hand-over-hand
with the feet braced against the wall. Gravity will hold your
feet to the surface as you climb by alternately advancing the
opposite arm and leg.

[For more details on overcoming obstacles and rope techniques
see: Way Of The Spider and Infiltration and Assassination
Techniques DOJO Press]

Fig. 51-In those cases where such wall walking is impractical,
one may simply climb the rope. Some Ninja used a
method of climbing which employed the toes to grip the
rope. Since they wore the tabi (split-toed socks), this was a
matter of toe strength in most cases. This can be accomplished, however, by tying knots at regular intervals, andstepping on them with the toes. Alternately, one can cross the legs and grip the rope between them to gain a bit more purchase for climbing.

~Ashida Kim