Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Monday, December 10, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (37)

Fig. 60-Spring forward and cup the enemy chin with the left palm, lifting
it clear of the throat. Draw the blade across the throat at the level of the
cricoid cartilage, beginning at the hilt and stroking to the tip. This attack
slices the trachea, preventing any sort of outcry; then cuts deeper, severing the carotid sheath. The sentry dies in twelve seconds due to oxygen starvation of the brain. Unconsciousness occurs in five seconds.


Fig. 61-Spring forward, whipping the left wrist into the enemy’s trachea
to prevent outcry. The effectiveness of this blow is easily demonstrated
by tapping one’s Adam’s apple with only one-twentieth of the force required.

This action disrupts the phrenic nerve, causing the diaphragm to
cease pumping air in and out of the lungs. Simultaneously drive the dagger into the kidney horizontally. Cut to both sides by pushing and pulling tile wrist side to side. Death results in thirty seconds and no help of man can prevent it.

Fig. 62-Spring forward and clamp the left hand over the enemy mouth
and nose using the method known as the One-Hand Smother. Pinching
the nose between your thumb and the first joint of the opposing index finger.

Grip the jaws between the heel of the hand and the remaining finger
tips. This method alone will require almost two minutes to produce unconsciousness.

Holding the dagger in the ice-pick grip, thrust the point
well down behind the collarbone (clavicle) and cut side to side. Death
will result in three seconds from severing the subclavian artery.


Fig. 63-Spring forward and employ the One-Hand Smother. Pull the enemy’s head to the left and thrust the dagger with edges parallel to the
ground well into the leading edge of the sterno-cleio-mastoideus muscle
running around the side of the neck. This severs the carotid sheath which contains the carotid artery, jugular vein, and vagus nerve. Cut side to side. Death ensues in twelve seconds, unconsciousness in five.


Fig. 64-Spring forward, sliding your left arm over the enemy right arm
and up to clamp over his mouth from below. Bend him backwards,
breaking his balance to the rear. Drive the knife slightly upward under
the rib cage, into the chest cavity to penetrate the heart. Cut side to side.

Death comes in three seconds, unconsciousness is induced instantly.
Very likely these attacks will cause the enemy to drop his weapon, or
knock off his helmet or headgear. Should this occur, make no attempt to
prevent these incidental noises. Remain still for about ten seconds, listen
for sounds of pursuit. It is probable that slight noises will be overlooked,
especially if they are unrecognizable. Hearing no sound of pursuit, use
the hold of your left arm to drag or carry the sentry backward out of sight.

In selecting a knife, three factors should be considered: durability, keenness, and balance. The
handle should fit comfortably in the hand. It is essential that the blade have a sharp stabbing
point and clean cutting edges. An artery which is torn through by a dull blade tends to contract.
An artery which is cleanly severed bleeds freely and is usually a fatal wound.