Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (40)


Any time you are behind the enemy you may seek to employ the Japanese Strangle to subdue
him. This technique may be applied while standing, sitting (as after a throw), or on the
mat. Three variations are possible.

The Rear Naked Choke is not a true strangle hold, but one in which the pressure of the forearm
is directed against the windpipe. This hold is quite painful, causing the enemy to struggle
more violently. This choke, however, will induce unconsciousness, usually when the strangle is
improperly applied.

Fig. 74-In the Classical Method, whip the left forearm around the enemy throat, striking him
on the trachea with the inside edge of the wrist or hand. This action will cause him to inhale
sharply. Continue the action until the crook of the left forearm/elbow lies against the injured
trachea. The left bicep will press against the left side of the enemy neck, while the left forearm
will press against the right. Clamp the right palm behind the enemy skull with the finger tips
behind his left ear. This will be used to push him forward into the left elbow.

Fig. 75-Grip your right bicep with your left palm. Relax the left arm and push with the right
palm. This is not a punishing hold to the enemy, since he could still breath if your throat-strike
had not damaged the phrenic nerve. Pressure is directed instead to the sides of the neck, specifically
against the carotid artery which collapses in a ribbon-like manner when one inhales.

When the supply of blood to the brain is cut off, unconsciousness results in five seconds. If the
hold is improperly applied and only one artery is sealed, unconsciousness will begin in ten to
fifteen seconds.

It is possible to revive a person rendered unconscious by this technique, but this is employed
in sport applications only.

The Tel Shia Technique is useful should the enemy seek to escape by reaching behind to
strike your groin. Extend the fingers of both hands forming the Shuto with each, then step
quickly back with the right leg and pull him down. This action will dislocate the skull from the
spinal column resulting in instant death.

~Ashida Kim