Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (43)


The following is an escape to be employed when the Ninja is detained in the military frisk

Fig. 78-Note that the enemy hooks your leg with his left leg to sweep your feet from under
you should you resist. His left hand presses against your back, locking the vertebrae and forcing
him to raise the pistol over his arm.

Fig. 79 -As pressure is applied to your back, tuck your arms and fall straight forward, twisting
to your left rear. Break this fall by seizing the enemy’s right wrist, pulling him forward and
turning the weapon to the outside. Land on your left hip, driving your left knee behind his left
knee. Catch his left ankle with the crotch of your right knee. Drive your right palm upward
into his hip, striking his left hip socket. Watch the pistol. He may resist, trying to keep his balance,
or spasmodically get off a shot.

Fig. 80-Pull down and push up with your hands. Swing the body to the right, using your
weight to slam the enemy into the wall. Slip your leg between the enemy legs and scissor his
left leg with your own. This trips him forward and prevents him from saving himself. This
movement must be executed with blinding speed.

~Ashida Kim