Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Monday, December 17, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (45)


Fig. 87-Should the enemy apprehend you and place his weapon at your back, consider the
point at which he actually touches you. This will determine the type of block you will employ
when turning. In most instances, a Mirror Block will be most effective since, as you turn, your
shoulder will drop. In this, as in the previous technique, be assured that it is possible to act before
the enemy can fire. In both cases, your first concern is moving out of the line of fire, either
by deflecting the weapon or by shifting your position.

Fig. 88-Pivot on the balls of both feet simultaneously. Execute a right Mirror Block to deflect
the weapon to the outside line. Execute a left hooking arc with the left Palm-Heel, striking
the enemy on the mastoid process. This consists of the small bony ridge just under tile ear.

Bear in mind that the carotid sheath is near the surface at this point also. The impact should be
sufficient to dislocate the jaw.

By these means, the enemy can be disarmed and the Ninja can escape from custody. These
techniques are drawn form the Ninja Art of Kumi-Uchi, Escapes and Reversals. A part of the
fighting system.