Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Friday, December 21, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (49)


Ninjitsu is known as the Art of Invisibility. Inpo, the Art of Hiding, teaches us how to
remain unseen once we are out of the enemy’s view. Tonpo, likewise, teaches us how to vanish
from the view of the enemy. The techniques of Huo Nei Kuo are the basis for this ability.
Translated to mean "capture in passing," the term is related to the stratagem in chess of overcoming
the enemy pawns should they fail to act. These techniques are the basis for many legends
about masters of the martial arts who would overcome an opponent with no physical contact.
In each case it is possible to evade the enemy’s attack without killing him. For this reason
the Mi Lu kata from which the techniques are drawn is sometimes known as the Way of Fighting
Without Fighting or the Dance of Invisibility.


This method is employed when the enemy is poised in a wide stance, but has not yet advanced.
Lower the body slightly for better balance. Relax both wrists so the hands hang
loosely with the backs toward the enemy. Assume a Horse Stance. This will sometimes induce
the enemy to widen his stance since he will expect lateral movement from you. You should be
three to five feet from the enemy. Raise the hands, arms extended between you, aiming the
back of the wrists at the enemy face. You must do this not so slowly that he reacts before you
are ready, and not so quickly that he will ignore the movement. Watch your own hands this
will induce the enemy to do likewise. The idea is to focus his attention on your hands.
Fig. 103 -Step quickly forward, lowering the body still more. This will move the hands toward
the enemy but, since the arms are not moving and the perspective is foreshortened, you
will be upon him before he can react. As the right foot touches the ground, flick the fingers into
the face of the enemy. Regardless of whether you actually touch his face or merely flash him,
he will flinch or blink. This is an autonomic reflex and is virtually uncontrollable. Immediately
as you flash or haze the enemy, drop straight down over the feet into a squatting position. You
will not see the enemy blink, since you are looking over the ends of your wrists and, by lifting
the fingers, you will obscure his face from view. The haze will cause the enemy to raise his
guard to protect his eyes. Since you will be crouched almost at his knee level, you will be
screened from view by his own arms.

FIG. 193-As you sink out
of sight, and see the enemy
lifting his guard, tuck
your head into your chest,
round the shoulders, and
push off with both feet.
The momentum of this effort
will carry you between
the enemy’s legs.
Execute a forward roll as
your hands touch the
ground behind him. This
will enable you to vanish
downward to a position
ten feet behind the enemy.
~Ashida Kim