Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (50)


This method is employed when the enemy attempts a low-line attack, such as a leg dive or

Fig. 105 -The enemy steps forward, dropping his shoulders and reaching in to seize the
knees. Effect a back-out step by slapping down onto his back with both hands and kicking both
feet straight to the rear. This prevents the leg dive and stalls the enemy in a forward leaning

Fig. 106 -Push off with both hands and jump straight up spreading the legs. The combination
of the enemy’s forward momentum and your own spring will carry him under you. Some
practitioners prefer to grip the enemy head when vaulting, thus insuring that it remain low
enough to prevent accidental groin injuries.

Any type of Roman Horse vault will suffice to clear the enemy, depending on the acrobatic
agility of the practitioner and the depth at which the enemy attacks. In this way, one vanishes
upward to a position three to five feet behind the enemy.

Fig. 104                                                                                                    Fig. 105

Note that this technique is commonly practiced and seen in Professional Wrestling, but ancient
acrobats practiced it by leaping onto the backs of raging bulls as an Olympic event when civilization
was in its infancy.

~Ashida Kim