Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Secrets of Ninja (53)


Ninjitsu as revealed herein is essentially a pragmatic art. It will employ any technique from
any source which will serve its purpose. It strives always to be one with the natural order of
things. This is the true meaning of passing without leaving a trace.

It is said that the Ninja can walk through walls; that when they are looked for, they cannot be
seen; when listened for, they cannot be heard; and when they are felt for, they cannot be
touched. A Ninja never swaggers-his gait is firm and straight ahead. He neither makes a show
of force, nor beats his own drum. This is known as Mugei-Mumei no-Jitsu, "no name, no art."
The Tao Te Ching, written by Lao Tsu as the request of a gatekeeper as he was leaving mankind
in disgust after years of teaching enlightenment to ancient Chinese who squandered his
words and wasted his lessons echoed this sentiment in one of the eight-one short poems in
which he summarized all that he had learned. “Work is done, then forgotten. Thus, it lasts forever.

Taking credit inevitably leads to accepting blame. The Ninja had many injunctions
against revealing the identity or the nature of their Art, destroying the weapon used to kill an
enemy, for example. It is unlikely that sophisticated enough techniques existed in feudal Japan
to make such evidence damning. The main reason it was done was to help the Agent purge himself
of the horrible deed he had been forced to perform. The Ninja are not mindless, blindly
obedient slaves as seen in popular fiction. The are the only martial art intended to lead the Student
on a journey of Self Discovery, so that there is no need to impose one’s will on the world.

All the while providing the means whereby any individual could ruthlessly claw his way to
power. IF he but choose to. The Game is not to kill the enemy. But rather to see him as lost and
helpless. The Ninja of old wandered the countryside, seeking a kingdom where the people were
happy and well fed. They would approach the ruler of such a tribe and offer to teach him the secrets
of longevity, that his empire might live long and his people prosper.

Such is the Great Work, the “secret teaching,” the reason for anonymity.

~Ashida Kim