Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Daily Musing - January 13th, 2013 - Fundamentals - 基礎 - Jīchǔ

Fundamentals - 基礎 - Jīchǔ

Upon completion,
a new beginning.
A cycle does not end
without another start-
In order to achieve strength,
reinforce the base.
Power comes from the roots,
not the limbs.

~inspired by Deng Ming-Dao

In music, the fundamental tone is the lowest, or root, tone of a chord. Without its presence, no true character is established. ~Deng

Our path through life is similarly varied, just as complex as the arrangement of music. Without a thorough grounding, we can find no harmony.

Taoism emphasizes cycles. We must have a solid understanding of what must be done, upon the completion of a given cycle. New paths open: some of them with be connected to the old, while others occupy the background, slowly coming forward into our vision. If we expect to shape these movements, and prevent unwanted cycles from beginning,  we must take stock and renew our fundamentals

We all wish to be daring, creative, and original. Everyone wants to forge a new path, untrodden by previous passersby. But unless we return again and again to the basics, we will never have an opportunity to soar. 
Do not forget to mind the root. Without the root, there can be no true power.