Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily Musing - January 24th, 2013 - Openness - 透明度 - Tòumíngdù

Openness - 透明度 - Tòumíngdù

Do not be mistaken,
A life has no preordained end point.
Destiny and destination,
words without context, 
like passing through 
a dream-
where nothing matters,
and nothing is meant to be
or not to be?

Why do the good do bad?
It is because we all were,
at one time or another, 
open to influence.
A fantasy was found appealing,
in comparison to reality.

~inspired by Deng Ming-Dao

In ancient texts, the idea of predestination was widespread. The usage of the term was purely metaphorical. People in the past used the word to express affinity for their lot in life, or to explain the lot of others. But this was fantastical thinking, as nothing in the future is set.

We cannot look for the astral strings of Fate, connecting us to potentially destined events. A cosmic puppeteer, if he exists, does not provide proof of his work for our examination. We may try to place our responsibility upon the shoulders of divine beings, but we only do so to lighten our own load. We are ultimately responsible for our own conduct. It is true that we may become mired in horrible circumstances, which have long-lasting ramifications throughout our life, but we must bear the fault of taking the first step down the path of self-deceit. By cooperating with others, but only in the pursuit of good will and harmony, we can achieve our goals while retaining respect in the community. We must not get distracted by a lust for wealth. Those who crave and covet will invariably suffer from destitution. They may blame their failure on others, but the true culprit is their own actions. This is not destiny. This is causality.

Who writes the script for life? Each of us. Causality is a concept, not an otherworldly entity. There is no set pattern for each path in life. Everything must be created. We are the artists.

Parents must realize that point before they ever hope to raise a well-adjusted child. You are the most important role model in that child's eyes. While every individual makes choices about their conduct, the youngest members of the humanity are not capable of resisting the torment or emotional torture inflicted by caregivers. Never place yourself in a situation where anger may be transmitted to a child carelessly. You may never think of the incident later in life if it was ignored in the first place.

Those who follow Tao seek as few restrictions upon them as possible. This is not a statement of morality, but one of causality. The Taoist seeks to live fully in the present, absorbing the best of each day without creating conflict. By understanding the limitations of destiny, fate, and predestination, the Taoist forges ahead, as free as our human form allows. True openness is not standing still, but instead allowing one's self to flow effortlessly along with the universal current.