Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Delayed Daily Musing - January 3rd, 2013- Homecoming - 歸國 - Guī guó

Homecoming - 歸國 - Guī guó

Where has my faith in Tao gone?
My travels have taken me far from inspiration-
Did I follow the right path,
or is there another way-
I return,
unable to say.

~Inspired by Deng Ming-Dao

After traveling for awhile, you may return to a familiar place, but it looks different. Everything is cast in a different light. Were things truly different, while you were away? All the experiences you have accumulated on your travels leaves a faint residue, souring the sweet hints of nostalgia.  Is the difference a result of finding Tao? How can there be so many conflicts between what you remember and what you see?

You may argue that a mountain is simply a mountain, but our human attitude toward the world is constantly in flux. If you mistake your subjectivity for something that is permanent, petrified, and not relative to circumstance, than you will have no end to problems. However, if you remember, and accept, that everything is comparative, then you can navigate through life far more dynamically.

There is not two ways. There is one. Only one. It is so vast that we each experience it differently, on separate tangents tethered to a universal source. We float down our own individual tributary, unaware of other travelers following the same current. We imagine we exist in different realities. This is a misconception of our mindset. We cannot outrun Tao, cannot exist outside of it. It is only our viewpoint while allows us to alter the degree to which we access different dimensions. In the vast river of Tao, we are minnows, unable to plumb the length or depth of the water, yet always believing that the whole world has been seen and experienced, within the little bubble we occupy.