Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Delayed Daily Musing - January 1st, 2013 - Encouragement - 鼓勵 - Gǔlì

Encouragement - 鼓勵 - Gǔlì

Over a quarter-century spent writing
about nothing in particular-
Sometimes, the pen moved,
but was anything expressed?
Today, the words have found their way back,
providing reassurance,
that meaning is never lost,
only misunderstood.
How did I come to realize?
Through you - each and every kind word
of my friends, my family. 

~inspired by 
Deng Ming-Dao

Be patient. Persevere. Devotion sometimes seems like drudgery. Away from home, it is easier to gain a different outlook. Taken from the usual context, our commitments stand out more brilliantly. Something that once seemed cold and painful to the touch, may warm and become comforting. That is why we should master our emotions, and use discipline to balance our up-and-down impulses.

When we travel, we are removed from our usual surroundings, including the elements restricting our perception. Nearly all of us possess fears, frustrations, and limitations of some sort we have acquired in the past. The concepts of time and distance help us assess these outliers more clearly. To overcome them...that takes courage and initiative.

How can we do this if our very problem is fear and timidity?

We need friends. We all do. Without them, who would help our encourage us? They can be a guiding influence in our lives. Without their reassuring hand on our shoulder, we would struggle to overcome our fears. Although they can neither live our lives for us or solve problems outright, they are an invaluable presence when we need them most.

For ourselves, our daily devotion is the method by which we encourage ourselves to persevere. Through our interactions with others, this encouragement flows, an undercurrent of compassion.