Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Delayed Daily Musing - January 7th, 2013, Reciprocity - 互惠 - Hùhuì

Reciprocity - 互惠 - Hùhuì

A hand may take, but also gives.
A mouth may taste, but also speaks.
A nose may breath, but also smells.
A eye may see, but also shows.
Ears may hear, but also balance.

~written by Deng Ming-Dao

Important lessons can be found, by examining the methods by which we find sensation.

Our hands teach us not to be selfish.
Our mouths instruct us to give thanks, through word and song.
Our noses teach us to experience, and learn from, our environment.
Our eyes teach us to show empathy, and to be sincerely compassionate.
Our ears function to keep our balance.

We are designed, to both give and receive. We function on a principle of reciprocity, inherent in our very character. Our senses are so noble, so why shouldn't we be as well?

The eyes of a dedicated individual shows an abundance of fortitude and charisma absent in the eyes of the ordinary. Scientifically, we know that an eye is an eye, merely an organ, yet experimentally, we know that eyes provide virtual windows to the soul. For us to achieve a depth of character, similar to these special individuals, we must live according to the nobility of our nature. Each one of our senses is not simply an avenue to gather information, but also a path towards channeling one's innermost expression.