Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Monday, February 25, 2013

Delayed Daily Musing - February 23rd, 2013 - Mercy - 憐憫 - Liánmǐn

Mercy - 憐憫 - Liánmǐn

Follow your own code,
but stay merciful-
Gradual absorption of benevolence
overcomes the need for lawfulness;
Gain wisdom

~inspired/taken from Deng Ming-Dao

A priest may be forced to serve a ministry divergent from their own personal beliefs. Their congregation may be considered troublesome, unorthodox, or even deviant, but the priest also serves a higher purpose. Proselytizing, converting others to the faith, these priests face a profound difficulty reconciling the precepts of their faith with the examples of humanity before their eyes. On one hand, for a priest of a sect opposed to homosexuality, it may be difficult to hold back judgment on the personal lives of his congregation. The priest must remain merciful, constantly aware of encroaching hypocrisy from his own consciousness. It is possible to express faithful sentiment without crossing into condemnation, to stand by one's own beliefs without crushing anyone else's underfoot. Contradictions will arise. Resolve them by following the higher principle

Never sell your ideals short for the sake of impatience, greed, or selfishness. Following a spiritual tradition is not as simple as an oath; it requires full commitment to self-cultivation and the essence of the faith. Do not lapse into dogmatism, as human laws are imperfect. Unprecedented circumstances will arise; you must have a greater judgment than simple script on flimsy parchment. If you respect life, you may move past rules and operate based on the wisdom of experience, flexibility, and insight. Defeats will not deaden your spirit, nor victory raise it too far; you will do the right thing by intuition alone.


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