Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Friday, March 1, 2013

Daily Musing - March 1st, 2013 - Inseperable - 形影不離 - Xíngyǐngbùlí

Inseperable - 形影不離 - Xíngyǐngbùlí

The trunk is hollow,
yet, branches still live-
The void,
fundamental space
which is full
but still empty.
Expanding horizons,
viewpoints contract-
a diverse universe
built of common components-
A cycle of rebirth,
celestial revolutions,
carries us forward,
even if we wish to stop.
Wanderers, take note,
free yourselves of care,
and follow Tao
in great delight.

~inspired by Deng Ming-Dao

The base of a tree may appear hollow, but the trunk may continue to rise hundreds of feet in the air, all to support the glorious canopy. The verdant crown takes up most of the available energy, while the rest of the tree appears to be devoid of the same pulse. Look at Tao. It may be void, but it exists in a world of great profusion. This is why the sages have said: there is no separation between void and phenomena. Tao cannot be gained through denying the world.

Void is part of reality, and it possesses parts which appear tangible to us. The great Tao permeates the entire world, and it may be studied by looking at any aspect of the whole. All that one needs to learn about Tao can be learned through the travels one embarks upon, through the manifestations of reality that present themselves on any given day. All experiences are valid, for all experience is derived of Tao. An open mind is all that is required to begin the process.

In life, the only thing that separates us from Tao is our ego. Ego places the self before all other things. By contrast, those who devote themselves to Tao divest self-importance, destroying the corrupting desire of material success. Those who seek Tao prefer to catch the current as it flows through the world. Moving from place to place, they use their intuition to guide the way. Just as the body is sustained through nutritional nourishment, the soul requires a source of divine energy. Taoists live within this flow. These wanderers have glimpsed the void within, and seen that the darkness exists within all that is animate and inanimate. They are able to delight in life without losing sight of the void.  

Contentment is not created, it is found...within the void. ~TH