Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daily Musing - April 11th, 2013 - Smothered - 窒息 Zhìxí -

Smothered - 窒息 Zhìxí 

Morning already...
damn...too late
to fix.
A pair of Suits 
pass by oblivious 
to my huddled form.
On the way to work,
but these same type of men
scavenge the streets at night.
We all sell ourselves 
to feed our demons;
I don't hate
watching the others slip away.
With no place to go, I withdraw inside
and wait for darkness
to come.

Tao is everywhere, but sometimes the weight of our suffering causes us to lose touch with it. This can be the result of our poor choices, bad circumstances, or a lack of exposure to positive philosophies. Although every human being is should be considered equally valuable, not every person is sensitive to Tao. How can we measure others honestly? Can we even measure ourselves properly?

Ignorance is a predominant mode of life for most people. Passing a homeless person on the street, we may allow ourselves to consider our current circumstances as more fortunate than had we passed a luxurious mansion. Do we not realize that all humans possess dense layers of misfortune, self-doubt, confusion, and selfishness? This build-up must be dissolved for growth to occur naturally.

Tao can be known through progressive purification and spiritual cultivation. The opposite is also true, as ignorance can be compounded, rendering our soul dense to the point that light will not escape. Our inner illumination has been smothered by our lack of awareness.

The light of a soul can be bright, but one must first see through the clouds obscuring the glowing center. You must remove the ignorance providing fuel to the fog. If you do so, you can truly say that you are putting effort forth towards making your life (and the life of those around you) a little brighter.