Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Monday, April 15, 2013

Delayed Daily Musing - April 13th, 2013 - Internalizing - 內在 - Nèizài

Internalizing - 內在 - Nèizài

People assume, too often,
that there is no reason to learn
because of the astounding amounts
of information available for consumption.
These individuals forget (or never understood)
that knowledge is more than a simple possession.
For insight, one must look within.
Opportunity exists for the sake of all,
but only the wise move quickly enough
to seize the initiative.

~inspired by Deng Ming-Dao

Consider the amount of information available today, readily available at our fingertips. Compare this to the time of knights and samurai, who lived in an era where the printed word did not reach the great many subjects of the realm. A cruel despot could manage discord and quash rebellion by controlling his subjects' access to information. This could be done by isolating a monastery or destroying libraries, by killing scholars and torturing their students into submission. Can this same thing be done today? I believe so, despite the amazing technological transformations which have occurred in the centuries since that bygone era.

Why do I remain so doubtful? Ignorance.

Some people take such a lethargic approach to the enormity of knowledge available to us. So secure in their belief that certainty is just a Google search away, these people refuse to actually learn anything. If you ask them why, they might respond:

"If I need to know something, I'll just go out and find it." 

Life moves too quickly to rely on this lazy approach. The flow of information has increased exponentially along with the required pace of decision-making. Do not fall prey to passivity; learn to internalize information and place yourself directly in the current.

Every brain has a unique capacity for cognition, but every individual taps into this latent potential differently. It has been said that some people only use ten percent of their brain, others more or less, but even this anecdotal, nonscientific approach sheds light on the method for unlocking the full potential within. The rightful path is paved with education, experience, and determination. To be on this path, one must never cease to learn, must never stop exploring, and must never abandon adventures.  

The age of exploration is not solely relegated to history. Rekindle the spirit of the ancient explorers. They acquired for themselves what others have only read about in books; can you accomplish the same?