Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Delayed Daily Musing - April 20th, 2013 - Scorn - 蔑視 - Mièshì

Scorn - 蔑視 - Mièshì

Why do you hate others?
Is it the result of pride
or simply prejudice?
No matter your accomplishments,
there are others ahead of you,
while others lag behind,
but all creatures follow the path.
The entirety of existence,
powerless to prevent
the sudden transformation 
of life to death.
Even animals are not alone
in possessing body, mind, and spirit
so how can you judge yourself 
as somehow superior?
How do you deal with resentment?
Oh...that's don't.

Help others-
for all those times 
you were ignored.
Be kind to others-
for all those times
you were scorned.


Humanity's journey, from a valley of ignorance to the soaring peaks of enlightenment, is paralleled in every life. Some travelers reach their destination, but a great many more get lost upon the way. This endless march of souls has continued over eternity. Some people are hopelessly proud of their position, standing in this infinitely long line of humanity, without any idea of their true place in the universe. Ignorant of their surroundings, these prideful people look down upon their fellow men and women. These prideful people do not realize that there is no end to the line as well as no beginning; there is no first place to claim. These prideful people do not know this fact, so they look down upon the people behind themselves.

Do not fall into the trap pride provides. Instead of placing yourself above others, feel compassion for all beings. If you struggle with compassion, then you must find a person ahead of yourself to emulate. Aspire to a higher place and work diligently to accomplish this goal.

Injustice exists in the world, there is no doubt of this, but you need not add to it. When someone less fortunate comes upon you, express compassion. When you meet someone more advanced, learn from them (but do not become them; stay true to your self). Let the residue of pride and jealously slip away; shed that which is superfluous.