Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Friday, May 17, 2013

Delayed Daily Musing - May 10th, 2013 - Repetition -重 - Zhòng

Repetition -重 - Zhòng

Counting beads 
in the shadow
of the ancients,
I lose track of all things beyond.
Revere, rest, repeat
ad infinitum.

People seldom realize the true power of repetition. A naive acolyte may abandon the body in pursuit of spiritual truth, but by doing so, he will lose all chance at success. The only way to cultivate the soul is the foster growth in the body. Constant, low-level activity greatly enables mobility and flexibility.

You are the farmer, and your body is the field. If you do not tend to the crops, expect no harvest. The same is true of spiritual practice. No grand declaration or inititation can solidify the relationship between the declared belief and the desired outcome. A great many people can be found strewn about the path, lost and bewildered by the quickly changing scenery. In order to set yourself apart from the chaos, your daily life must be infused with some sort of meaning. Daily progress must be tracked, from dull to spectacular, and both must be accepted as part and parcel to the experience. Every day is encapsulated in a prayer bead, added to the end of the string of Time, tying the present moment to all those before and all those to come.

Very few people in the world can sense the void in their lives. They have never taken the time to count their beads. They have no idea how many came before, or how many lie ahead. All is not lost, even for the blissfully ignorant. All that is required is finding the string and the nearest bead; the one that is close at hand possesses special significance...take this moment to heart. Now, repeat.