Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Delayed Daily Musing - May 3rd, 2013 - Composure - 冷靜 - Lěngjìng

Composure - 冷靜 - Lěngjìng

Some of us are forced to kill
or suffer the very same fate-
A composed person remains dispassionate-
what is truly destroyed
or created?
Energy - infinity.

 For most people, killing is an abhorrent concept. If they are forced to kill, they are so horrified that their emotions become unstable, even uncontrollable. Likewise, if they are threatened with death, they become so afraid they struggle merely to stay alive. In the churning waters of Omaha beach, some men are stricken with paralysis, unable to digest the destructive potential of mankind. Composure in combat does not come to all.

Both of these situations involve extreme attachment. Attachment to this world, to what we know, and how we think of ourselves restricts our actions in extremely stressful situations. Our perspective on life is fundamentally limited by endorsing the fantasy of me. We assume we are truly destroying someone, or our self, by charging into the crossfire. This mindset must be conquered before a warrior can claim victory over the ultimate enemy. The body may be slain, but the soul cannot. Every soul is part of the infinite, a cosmic conduit connecting the present moment with infinity.

You can try to subtract numerous souls from existence, but the total would not diminish. Countless souls come into existence,  but the overall is not augmented to make room. Energy cannot be destroyed or created, but it can be harnessed. Only the appearance changes as energy is given form.

People of composure view transitions and transformations in the world more calmly than others. They are not as alarmed by plague, pestilence, or other perils. The unknown phenomena cause them no anxiety. They have realized that chaos and order are external manifestations of the indefinable, unlimited, infinite reality the rest of us barely know exists.