Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Delayed Daily Musing - May 8th, 2013 - Indifference - 漠不關心 - Mòbùguānxīn

Indifference - 漠不關心 - Mòbùguānxīn

For a true master,
there is no difference
when sitting on a throne
or in the dirt.
The truly modest
make no attempt to impress.   

A true master is indifferent to the ways of society. Ambition, knowledge, and religion are equally uninteresting. The realm of human definition does not interest them, so these true masters wander through without raising any notice. The town may remember his passing, but fails to grasp his identity. It was as if a spirit passed through and its way to paradise. 

The holy person transcends identity. Therefore, wealth or poverty, good or bad, violence or peace have no distinction. Dichotomies are no longer valid to such a person. This is all quite hard to believe the rest of us. The degree to which this is difficult to accept is directly proportional to your degree of imprisonment by dualism. True enlightenment does not come from understanding distinctions, but surpassing them. True enlightenment  comes from understanding the oneness of all reality. A master does not see nutrition OR disease, life OR death, good OR evil. A master eats what he needs, but not does allow himself to be led by the desire TO eat. If there is nothing at hand, it is as if eating was never a possibility. Polarity defines a great many of our lives, but some have found balance between the poles.

We ordinary people cannot do this. We make distinctions, grow overly defensive, and stay close to comfortable territory. We only feel safe in our homes, and sometimes, not even there. Our declared boundaries are constantly encroached upon, and we have little ability to stop it. We are burdened with this baggage by way of our identity. How we choose to view ourselves determines the design of our prison. Only a master possesses the key to liberation and has achieved freedom. Unfortunately for the rest of us, every person must find and make their own escape.