Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Delayed Daily Musings - May 16th, 2013 - Labels - 標籤 - Biāoqiān

Labels - 標籤 - Biāoqiān

Whatever you do,
do not call me
a follower of Tao.

Do not put into words which should remain silent. Following the path is an intensely personal endeavor which should continually be refreshed. Spend each moment of your life in the present, picking up on the Universe's pulse. You should ride the current, without seeking to control the shifting Tao. Experience every thing. Once you have lived like this, you will want nothing more than to be one with the void - a perfect mirror to reflect the myriad of nuances which life presents.

By placing labels upon yourself, you separate from Tao. As soon as you designate race, gender, name, or fellowship as a requirement for oneness, you give rise to inexorable conflict. By claiming constant contact with Tao, you stand invariably in contrast with True Tao.

This is why those who truly follow Tao never seek to identify themselves as such. They do not care for labels which others bestow. All people have equal access to Tao. Those who choose to utilize this conduit desire no recognition.