Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Daily Musing - Imprisonment - 徒刑 - Túxíng

Our lives
within subjective stasis-
seeing out,
but not always within,
we poke and prod
the boundary between-
to make sure,
we are

Surrounded by reflections of our identities, we think of ourselves constantly, but little of Tao. These mirrors reassure, but our cares narrow to simple survival and physical gratification. When will we see that we have surrounded ourselves with with all these objects merely to maintain our illusions about the world?

We do not see the world as it truly is.

Ignoring the dilemma existence presents, we preen and prepare our appearance for maximum attractiveness. We are vain idiots living within mirrored caskets. We only see our own reflection, in every surface we come upon. On these blank slates, we implant our own illusions. Boxing ourselves in, the area we see grows smaller and smaller. Self-absorbed to the point of over-sensitivity, we develop spiked barbs on our exterior selves. Others may see the danger and avoid contact all together. We are in love with ourselves, but selfish love and the selfless version have little in common. All the time this is happening, our coffin closes in more and more.

Some people escape these traps we set for ourselves. They may move on, but some of these successful few still drag the coffin along for the ride. They claim to have conquered the enemy, but have yet to discard the corpse. Even dead illusions are still baggage. Those who drag theirs along are little better than those still trapped. Move on, continue on the path; what is most important lies ahead.