Moss-covered Monk

Moss-covered Monk


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Daily Musing - December 5th, 2015

of humanity-
constantly lowered,
until there is no action
too incomprehensible.
Munitions, manufactured
with malice and forethought,
are used to enforce order
and silence dissent.

 I have remained silent for too long. The truth is too unsettling to uncover, so it has remained buried beneath the surface to prevent accidental contact. Illusions provide the security and safety only ignorance can provide; so long as no one seeks to dispel the delusions.

The choice to not speak has been mine. Fearful of the truth, I found solace in the distractions modern life supplies in abundance. Purposefully, I remained oblivious to the starkly depressing news of the day as much as possible. Plague and pestilence were transitory concerns far removed. Personality cults provide easy escape. Settling for false serenity, the world I created for myself resembled but was wholly distinct from reality. Through this pursuit, the pain of existence faded in the background, but only for a time. No amount of purposeful delusion could completely counteract my unfortunate sensitivities.

What is wrong with this world? Too many times I have asked the question but been too afraid of the answer. Abundance- pursued for what purpose? Growth- at what cost? Civilization cannot fully civilize humanity. Humans are still fragile, destructive, temperamental, terrified beings existing in an infinitely immense universe of unknown origin. Our pursuit of existential explanation offers glimpses into the nether regions beyond our mere human understanding, but the shadows of the unknown often obscure the bright spots of insight. What we have uncovered thus far casts doubt on our ability to control our destiny. Perhaps that destiny is already out of our hands.

At what point could a different path have been found? Would it be possible to retroactively eliminate humanity's effect upon the rest of creation? Can the evils of intolerance be eradicated without stripping humanity of what makes us human? The ability to give birth to life does not prevent its wanton destruction. In the coming years, that balance will surely be tested. Technologists plead that death and decay can be counteracted by our mortal ingenuity. The mistakes of this hubris have begun to show in the cracks forming along the edges of this human experiment. The data will soon become clear enough. The spell will be broken. Can we face the world as it truly is?

We will see.